Cute Encounter of the Third Kind

Cute Encounter of the Third Kind

Eller: Hvor er hakapiken min nr jeg trenger den mest?

Bildet er tatt av Asbjrn Olsen, og var vinnerbilde i lesernes blinkskudd i det norske magasinet Padling juni/juli 2005.

Postet av: zoe

Hello,I am sorry but I do not speak alot of german.I am 13 and I think seals are beautifull, cute and swet animals. They deserve respect !

25.11.2005 @ 21:39
Postet av: Jan Egil Kristiansen

I agree with you - they are beautiful and cute and deserve respect. That's how I eat them: with respect.(btw: the text was not German, but Norwegian)

Postet av:

I believe slaugter is illegal in some places, but not china.

30.12.2005 @ 22:55
Postet av: Jordan

just letting you know. i wanna say that IT SHOULD BE ILLIGAL EVERYWHERE, NOT JUST NOT IN CHINA.i love theses seals. and right now im in tears.

01.12.2006 @ 21:13
Postet av: Jan Egil Kristiansen

China?This photo is from the Faroe Islands, where there is no seal hunt these days. (But they are shot when they take fish from salmon farms.)This particular seal has probably been fed and cared for by humans while it was younger. But it was free when the photo was taken.

02.12.2006 @ 22:40
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